The Cold War The First World Essay

The Cold War The First World Essay

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The First world today means any country that is politically stable, wealthy, and has a strong democracy. However, during the cold war the first world was entirely different; it was used to describe any country that was politically opposed to the socialist economic system, communism politically, and was Lead by the United States. The second world, on the other hand, was the exact opposite; it was headed by the Soviet Union, followed the economic and political ideas of Karl Marx, and stood opposed to democracy. Both of these bloc, or geopolitical spheres, tried to topple the other through economic, proxy, or open warfare. Stakes only increased after the Soviet Union managed to covertly steal data and blueprints from the Manhattan Project, and lead them through development of their own nuclear weapons. Eventually both sides created their own very different military alliances. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO for short, would encompass virtually all of the Democratic and the free nations of western Europe and North America, while the USSR would sign the Warsaw pact, creating satellite states out of the nations it “liberated” after the fall of Germany.
At the end of World War II, America saw the dominance of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union’s constant challenges to the weakly established democratic Western Europe, and took them as a personal threat to its sphere of influence. So, to avoid being entirely shut out of Europe due to an aggressive USSR a plan was put forth that would Unite all of Free Europe under one security alliance as it is stated on NATO’s homepage: “NATO strives to secure a lasting peace in Europe, based on common values of individual liberty, democracy, human rights and the rule of law.” (NATO’s ...

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... the people in these nations would call for social reforms, and topple the regime that oppressed them for so long .
To recapitulate, The First World today has changed since the end of the Cold War in 1991 with the fall of the Berlin wall. However, during the Cold War’s peak it was given to the nations who chose democracy as their form of government, and capitalism as their preferred economic system. While the Second World, which has almost disappeared from knowledge, was the First World 's main enemy. The nations that fell into this category were mostly controlled by the USSR as a form of satellite states, followed marxist forms of governments, and eventually collapsed when the Soviet Union fell. Both of these geopolitical groups had great suspensions of the other and led to proxy battles across the world, but that is a story for the next paper.

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