Essay about The Cold War On The American Education System

Essay about The Cold War On The American Education System

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What most teachers struggle with most is not rowdy children or angry parents. The biggest issue is Common Core which is legislation that creates standards for students and teachers made by people in Washington D.C. with no experience in the field of education. In fact, these individuals not only set standards for schools that are not doing well, but force schools that are doing well to adhere to standards that come from men in suits, not teachers or educators. The Cold War is the reason that Common Core exists because the United States and the Soviet Union fought with education, technological advancement, and scientific achievement. This was exemplified in the Space Race and Spencer Gregg, a well renowned Historian who wrote “Crisis in Education—The Effect of the Cold War on the American Education System” says, “Motivated by a national fervor to demonstrate superiority and dominance over Soviet counterparts, the U.S. government intervened and invested in curriculum development, expansion of math and science programs […]” (2). This has only continued today and only grown worse over time.
Education is always changing. Subject matter does not usually change as quickly, but teachers must change and adapt to the changing standards. Anthony Pattiz, a high school history teacher makes a good point in “The Idea of History Teaching: Using Collingwood 's Idea of History to Promote Critical Thinking in the High School History Classroom”, when he writes “For the high school history teacher, the challenge is especially daunting since he finds himself struggling to reinvigorate an old discipline while simultaneously satisfying the demands of politicians and parents alike” (240). Parents tend to get upset when their student comes home with a ...

... middle of paper ... care about students instead of mere test scores should be the ones setting and regulating standards. Teachers that care will get those test scores. Schools that do not meet the standard should be regulated and evaluated, but not the healthy schools that preform above and beyond the national standard. It would be helpful to diagnose the issue instead of pretending that the problem is solved when it is not. The Common Core standards creates more problems than it can even begin to solve and fails to diagnose any real issue. The future is bright for students and that future needs to be protected from Washington politicians at all costs. As a teacher, I will see to it that I not only meet standards, but overcome them and outshine them. Then, perhaps Common Core will leave the district that I teach in alone and reconsider the atrocity that Common Core is.

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