The Cold War Of Yalta And Potsdam Essays

The Cold War Of Yalta And Potsdam Essays

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In 1945, World War II was over and Nazi Germany was defeated. The beginning of the Cold War Era arose between the Allies and the Soviet Union because of distrust, power, and loyalty between the two. The Allies wanted to have a democratic policy; however, the Soviet Union wanted to have a buffer state. The Allies wanted everyone around them to have the same type of government, but due to fear of the invasion or losing power the Soviets believed it was the wrong idea to have the same kind of government, they wanted to have a government where the state plans and controls the economy. Due to this idea, the Cold War broke out. The Cold War was a war of political manipulation, propaganda and military tension, between the power of the Western Bloc and the powers of the Soviet Bloc.
First, the meetings in Yalta and Potsdam set the stage for the beginning of the Cold War in 1945. At this meeting, three anti-Nazi leaders, Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Josef Stalin, met to discuss peacetime. The purpose of the meeting was to talk about Europe having free elections, and a constitutional Eastern Europe. After the meeting, the Soviet Union wasted no time violating them. They impelled German forces out of Eastern Europe and created a communist state under their control and ignoring the promises they made to the allies to keep democratic elections there. “The allies agreed on a provisional government; including the communist Lublin Committee and noncommunist polish exiles” (Sibley 26). The intention of the Soviets creating these strategies sets the stage for another war. The United States was not in favor of such communist behavior. The U.S. could not believe any countries could exist in such economic and political opposition to dem...

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...shrinement of the principle of collective security” (Sibley 33). Back then, there were only few countries parts of the NATO, but now it has about twenty-eight members and the NATO is still helping countries that are in conflict today.
Finally, the Cold War has brought changes in the world today. Many countries that were controlled by the Soviet Union or Western allies are free countries and they can make their own rules without fearing a threat from any opposition. Even though, the Cold War was not a physical fight, but it built tension between the Soviet Union and the United States. During the Cold War there were some good and bad things that happen, for example, the artificial satellites, building of the Berlin Wall, and the narrow escape of nuclear war in Cuba and the United State. Though the Cold War started in 1945 and ended in 1989, it is not actually over yet.

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