The Cold War Is The Domino Theory Essay

The Cold War Is The Domino Theory Essay

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The possibility of a nuclear war laid on the hearts and minds of American officials every day during the period known as the Cold War. With the slightest miscalculation of Soviet intentions or erred judgement in communist maneuvers America could have been thrust into a war with the Soviet Union an equally dangerous nuclear nation. In some ways the knowledge that both sides possessed enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world helped contain the situation but in other ways it only added more strain to the enormous pressure. There are a few theories which help thoroughly analyze the rise of the Cold War and determine the reason it started. Through grasping ideas behind the origins of the cold war you can begin to see that the cold war was not a unique phenomenon limited to the addition of the newly invented nuclear weapons, but a merely a nation rivalry similar to many others of the past
The most prevalent and influential theory in regards to the rise and escalation of the cold war is the Domino theory. The domino theory states that the spread of communism is like a row of dominos and once one nation falls to communism all the other nations around it will began to fall. This hardline theory implied to U.S officials that the American government must be willing to militarily protect the noncommunist countries around the Soviet’s iron curtain. The policy of containment would be put in place which was actively stopping the spread of communism and containing communism to countries that were already communist. At first this only meant sending military supplies and monetary aide to countries such as Greece who were in the middle of civil war with the communist right wing. This policy would only continue to escalate and become more aggres...

... middle of paper ... empire. The only difference is that in the cold war we saw the introduction of nuclear weapons into the fray which dramatically increased the destruction which could occur form a possible conflict.
The Cold war was a continual economic and diplomatic conflict between the Soviet Union and the U.S following World War 2. The Cold war saw the threat of nuclear weapons being deployed from both sides which added to the immense level of anxiety and fear perpetuated throughout the conflict. In many ways this fear of nuclear weapons helped contain the situation form actually entering into an armed conflict but in other ways the threat of nuclear weapons only added to the dangers. In the end no war ever occurred between the Soviets and the U.S as there was no real difference between the cold war and any other war deriving form the result of a bipolar international system.

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