Essay about The Cold War in Europe

Essay about The Cold War in Europe

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The end of the Second World War brought about great change in the world. This was especially true in Europe, where some battles left areas completely devastated. With Hitler regime fallen, it was clear the leaders of not only European nations but other nations like the United States wanted to change the structure of land that was once occupied by the Nazi army. The U.S. and Western Bloc would be in a chess match over this land with the Soviet Union and the Western Bloc. This chess match is better known as the Cold War. The following paragraphs will discuss how this war where no blood was shed played out throughout Europe. These paragraphs will examine and provide examples of how the Cold War created a new a set of geopolitical, social and economic relationships throughout the continent as well as which of these factors was of most importance.
Geopolitics is defined as the study of the effect geography has on international politics and relations. Following the Yalta Conference and the formal surrender of Germany, the geopolitical relationships amongst nations once controlled by Hitler’s army were up in the air. Would they fall into the hands of the communist force of Stalin’s regime or would they embrace the democratic government sweeping the world thanks to the United States and Western Bloc powers? First of all, Germany was divided in half with the western half being controlled by the allies and the eastern half under the control of the Soviet Union. By 1949, Western Germany would have a democratic government while Eastern Germany became a satellite country of the Soviet Union with a communist government. The Soviet Union would continue the spread of their brand of communist government absorbing the countries of Albani...

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...nent as well as which of these factors was of most importance. At the end of the day, the Cold War was not a proud moment for the countries involved especially for European nations. The lesson that can learned today by this battle between capitalism and communism is that in the end capitalism will prevail. All of these nations that were once a part of the Soviet empire have now adopted some form of capitalism. Even the former Soviets have implemented their version of capitalism (though it seems Russia is trying to bring the old ways back into the fold). Today and in the future, the Cold War will be looked at as a war of superpowers trying to control the way the world runs their government. People say we are headed into another Cold War. If that is the case, this incarnation will not have the geopolitical, social and economic relationships of the original.

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