The Cold War Era Of Human History Essay examples

The Cold War Era Of Human History Essay examples

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While the definition of power is a point of contention among scholars such as Morgenthau and Waltz, there is a general agreeance that power in an international sense is the ability to coerce a decision based on the political, military or economic clout a nation is able to exert onto another. By this definition the Cold War era of human history is one of the most prevalent examples of both economic and political power (referred too as “Hard” power) as well as cultural influence as a form of power (known instead as “soft” power). In the post-World War 2 era the balance of power theory played a major role in the international relations between the two superpowers, being the United States of America and The USSR through constant volleying of both cultural propaganda as well as proxy conflicts to vie for global supremacy
The end of the World War two left Europe in a state of disrepair, however emerging from the rubble rose two separate champions of justice be them with different ideologies. The United States and Russia both charged themselves with rebuilding and reshaping the European landscape, both physically and politically. Be it through the Marshall Plan, Truman Doctrine or Soviet Bloc Funding unofficially drew battle lines across Europe, and eventually the entire world. Both the Marshall Plan and Soviet Bloc spending were considered to be massive successes, leading to states seeing production increase to a higher level than it was pre-war ( however due to the mutual success of both states (The United States and Soviet Union) tensions between the two nations increased, causing both nations to attempt a push for supremacy during an age w...

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...orld War’s One and Two, The United States, and subsequently The USSR had the ability for total annihilation. This nuclear armament reached its apex during the Cuban missile crisis. Before Cuba announced itself as a communist ally in the west, the USSR’s Nuclear Missile capability and range did not allow for a direct attack on the United States, at least not one that couldn’t be responded to by the US military. However with the addition of the USSR’s nuclear cache to Cuban silos, the USSR had an effective countermeasure against the US missiles stationed in Turkey. Even after the crisis itself was deescalated, nuclear annihilation played a large part in the power struggle. Each of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council were permitted to possess nuclear capabilities ( however

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