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The Cold War Camille Miles Essay

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The Cold War lasted 44 years from 1945-1989. The Cold War was a bitter struggle between two of the strongest military powers at the time, because of the huge expansion of technology and nuclear arsenals on both sides of the war, the undercover espionage actions, and why the war was referred to as The Cold War.
The Cold War was potentially one of the most dangerous wars because of the huge expansion of technology and the nuclear arsenals that were built up on both of the opposing sides. By, the time of 1953 both the U.S. and Russia had successfully tested hydrogen bombs with unlimited destructive abilities.(Hall) The United States tested 1,054 nuclear weapon detentions around 1945-1992. (Brownell 39) The USSR was also close to developing an atomic bomb, and they did a successful test in Kazakhstan in August of 1949.(Brownell 22)(Flight) In November of 1955 the USSR created and tested a powerful hydrogen bomb. The bomb “was equal to one million tons of TNT - a megaton.” (Gottfried 53) The United States and the Soviet Union were on the very edge of a nuclear war. New jets and bomber air crafts, such as the U.S. B-58 Hustler, B-52 Stratofortress, B-47 Stratojet, and Russian Tu-95 Bear, and the Mya-4 Bison could have dropped bombs anywhere around the world. The United States had nuclear superiority over the Soviet Union and used the threat of massive retaliation to keep from getting bombed. No one would even think of using nuclear weapons against the U.S. because if they did, an immediate retaliation attack was guaranteed to destroy them as well, they called this the mutual assured destruction or MAD.(Pike) In October of 1957 the Russians successfully put Sputnik, the first artificial satellite into orbit. Then the U.S. put their fi...

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