The Cold War Between The West Allies And The Communist Bloc Essay

The Cold War Between The West Allies And The Communist Bloc Essay

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- German nationalism was divided at the end of the Second World War as a result of the division of areas to be administrated and controlled by the British, French, Americans and Soviets. As a result of ideologies of the controlling countries, naturally the three areas controlled by Western Democracies would grow closer due to a shared ideological methodology. This further divided German nationalism as it created a pro-democratic Western Germany, and a Soviet controlled Communist Eastern Germany. This mentality manifested itself into a western vs eastern nationalism, which was the reason for the Cold War between the West allies and the Communist bloc.
- Interpretation of the George Friedman quotation: In the immediate years following the Second World War Europe was an ash heap(Cavaliere), morally and economically devastated. From this sense of hopelessness grew an idea to economically interconnect the major countries in Europe to ensure that further war would be avoided as it wouldn’t benefit a country economically.
- My methodological approach is one of
- Paper intends to prove: That post-ww2 German nationalism …
- According to the English Oxford Dictionary Nationalism is “an extreme form of patriotism marked by a feeling of superiority over other countries.” As George Friedman stated nationalism isn’t just a feeling of pride for one’s country, it is the feeling of superiority over others. This promotes an ‘us’ versus ‘them’ mentality, which is amplified in European affairs as the various countries have had such strenuous relationships in the past (due to war’s/betrayals in the past[these countries have been around for a long time])
- Nationalism is perhaps derived in part from biological racism, which is using science (specific...

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...fe. The Government had no real authority, only taking directives from Moscow. They forced communism onto the German population, giving no choice to the Germans. They had stiff laws to limit any German that might resist. Therefore in communist controlled East Germany the Nationalism that formed was vastly different from the Western nationalism. In Eastern Germany, they had a virtually non existent national identity, they were subjugated and every aspect of their lives were controlled. They had a very defeated national outlook, as the Russians blamed them and they would be forced to accept the blame. IN West Germany a limited nationalism was allowed to prosper, the German people were allowed to identify with their cultures and practices, as these aspects weren’t removed by the Western countries when they controlled over them for the few years immediately after the war.

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