The Cold War And The Soviet Union Over Spheres Of Influence Essay

The Cold War And The Soviet Union Over Spheres Of Influence Essay

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I have always fallen in love with old movies from the 50’s, most of them give an epic peaceful story of love made simple in a time where family mattered and money was not as important as it is today. I have always though that this was a n era I would have loved to be a part of. However, there was a dark side to this era, a side with a story of war, lack of food and many people fearing the lives of their family and themselves. One of these history events of the time is the “Cold War,” this war has no begin date all we can trust is it started after World War II (704). In A People and A Nation Norton and authors argue “The Cold War was fundamentally a contest between the United States and the Soviet Union over spheres of influence” (699). Basically, the United States “the west” under capitalism and the Soviet Union the “east” under communism wanted to show the other would be control the international relations (699). I believe that the words of Truman “described the Cold War as a life-and-death struggle against a monstrous enemy” (700).
After World War II the world was unsettled. There...

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