The Cold War And Its Policies Effects On The American People Essay

The Cold War And Its Policies Effects On The American People Essay

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The Cold War and its policies had detrimental fallout effects on the American people. From the 1950s-1970s, people could see the shifting of cultures resulting from government policies and necessary adjustments to American life resulting from the Cold War. The Cold War would transform the future for America in many ways, including the religious boom, the staggering increase in defense spending, and the pushing of government control and propaganda due to ignorance and discrimination. The Cold war distorted America forever, instilling a fear of communism that would last to this day, making Americans want to try and rid the world of this evil. America, especially from the 1950s to the 1970s, main goal was to rid the world of communist control.
The Cold War started in the 1940s after WWII, Russia and the United States did not see eye to eye. WWII held the two countries together, with one common goal: Defeat Germany. With WWII over, and Germany no longer a threat, tensions started to rise between the communist Soviet Union and the anti-communism America. Both countries had a goal of being the ultimate world power. America especially disliked communism and vowed to stop the spreading of it. This can be seen in the many conflicts and wars that have occurred since, with the primary goal of the US involvement being to eradicate communism. The 1950s is where the US saw the first major adjustments to American life. By the 1950s The Truman Doctrine had been implemented, and the communism scare, better known as the Red Scare, had begun to gain popularity. A young Senator from Wisconsin, Joseph McCarthy was becoming a hit, claiming the US government had been infiltrated by communism. The American people believed this which helped fuel the...

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...ple were sick of the Cold War and its effects on society.
The Cold War ended in 1991 with G.W. Bush and Ronald Regan assuring the end of the Soviet Union. Once a new leader was elected in Russia, Both countries were finally able to resolve the nuclear tension and Russia’s new leader realized the detrimental effects the war was having on the infrastructure and economy of Russia. Russia’s leader knew things could not be sustained and both the US and Soviet Union decided to end the Cold War. Shortly after, in 1991 the Soviet Union fell. The Cold War and its policies had detrimental fallout effects on the American people resulting from the carelessness, and ignorance of the US government. From the 1950s-1970s, the US saw a remodeling of culture resulting from government policies and necessary changes to American life. The Cold War changed the future of America forever.

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