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Cold Blood by Truman Capote Essay

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In 1965, Truman Capote created the infamous tale known as “In Cold Blood”. The book created the illusion of fantasy while based on reality. Many people were floored at the brilliance Capote demonstrated within the pages. The book took the literary concept of a novel with the literary elements of designed scenes, characters, a story formed with an introduction, rising action, climax and resolution to the real events surrounding the murder of the Clutter family.
Those that worked in the field of news and journalism were shown in Capote’s tale with the right use of creative writing, anyone can learn to captivate an audience while reporting the news. Capote believed he had written more than an important book. It was a completely new form of writing. Capote said in a 1966 interview, "It seemed to me that journalism, reportage, could be forced to yield a serious new art form: the 'nonfiction novel, as I thought of it ... Journalism is the most underestimated, the least explored of literary mediums.”
Capote claimed that he never took any notes during his personal investigation of the Clutter murder. Capote substituted notes for his alleged talent of impeccable accuracy to recall conversations he had with those who were involved with the Clutters. He had trained his memory through memorizing names in phone books and passages of various books.
There were accusations Capote embellished a great majority of the story. There were allegations of Capote misquoting people to make characters more exciting. Also there were some that stated the ending the of book that never happened. This had brought negative feelings from some in the book who felt falsely portrayed. Many readers who learned about Capote's changes to the narrative question w...

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...d Blood" due its outstanding demonstration of narrative journalism
But students will read it not only as an example of how to weave together a story with extensive reporting and deft writing; they will learn the other half. "I always make note of the challenges to this book's truthfulness," Blais said, "because otherwise the students would not have a truthful picture of it and its legacy."
After reading “In Cold Blood” and analyzing all the criticism posed by many I have come to a conclusion. Whether or not the book is based on fact or based on the creative imagination of Truman Capote, it is an excellent read. As student who is majoring in creative writing I have learn a lot from the style of writing Capote shows in his book. Capote goes into the tiniest of details when writing a scene. This brings a sense of realism that has not been achieved by anyone recently.

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