Coke Scores a Goal at the World Cup

Coke Scores a Goal at the World Cup

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In the case of Coke Scores a Goal at The World Cup, the intent of marketing and public relation is more of a hybrid. Coke Scores a Goal at The World Cup is clearly convergence of marketing and public relations. Evident in the video presentation both marketing and public relations can be seen in progressive corporations.
Bill Sledzik, Associate Professor of Public Relations states-“Public Relations build relationship and reputation through two way communication and responsible policy. Marketing supports sales through distribution promotion and pricing strategies. Convergence is a good thing and bad thing depending on the context.
Dr. Bob Batchelor, Associate Professor of Public Relations states-“Public Relations is all of organizations relationships with all of its potential audiences. Marketing is the umbrella term used for all communication that goes on in a corporation or organization. Convergence has already taken place and it will continue.
Convergence is a good thing. When companies sell products, they need help from a marketing, public relations, and financial point of view. Traditional marketing and public relations when done well all service the same master-- the customer.
Ultimately whether and organization uses public relations or marketing initiatives the real test of what occurred will be the final outcome of the initiative.
Convergence will continue based on technology and social media. Never in the world’s history has there been a time where technology has retracted. In the contemporary world, as technology becomes a more vibrant part of peoples’ lives as consumers, that forces marketing and public relations to become even more hand and hand than they already are. –Dr. Bod Batchelor
After viewing the video presentation in my opinion Coke Scores a Goal at The World Cup made both marketing and Public Relation efforts. The sponsor of The World Cup is both from marketing and public relations stand point. For example, selling products during the games. In addition, they changed to a colorful eye catching packaging. In terms of public relations, they are reaching out internationally, to communities and sports camps in a charitable manner. This builds trust, loyalty and commitment.
To further popularize their brand, participants were admitted by presenting a COKE can.
In this case, COKE not only increased their sells but built relationships as well.
If effectiveness and productivity is the main goal, ultimately it is vital for organizations and corporations to collectively employ both marketing and public relations initiatives. Sells and relationships go hand and hand.

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One is not important than the other. A corporation can have the best product or services in town however, it is only as good as the customers say it is and to the extent to which relationships will sustain loyalty.
Personally, my company builds relationships by giving inexpensive gifts that have a preserved expensive value. We give customers signature t-shirts and hoodies with the companies name and logo on it. In this manner, we are both building relationships and bringing exposure to our brand.
Convergence is yet another tactic by which corporation can remain competitive. Because there are multiple options for people to spend their discretionary income, each industry spends a great deal of money on advertising marketing, and on public relations to compete with each other and entice customers. (Wilcox and Cameron, 2012)
In conclusion, while there must remain a diligent balance convergence between marketing and public relations currently seems to be vital for the survival of companies.

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