Cognizant Technology Solutions: Fit the Firm´s Environment Essay

Cognizant Technology Solutions: Fit the Firm´s Environment Essay

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Q4: To what extent does Cognizant’s ‘C2’ programme fit the firm’s environment and what problems might it encounter in developing this programme further?

In response to the increasing uncertainty posed by its client demands and its ability to hire key personnel, Cognizant increased the number of divisions and expanded its international locations with development centres in 15 cities across 5 different countries, and sales and marketing offices in the U.S. Europe and Asia (Eccles et al, 2011). The growth in international locations for development centres was in part due to the uncertainty Cognizant faced in hiring key personnel amidst the predicted shortfall in technology resources in India (Eccles et al, 2011). The growth in international locations of sales and marketing offices was a result of an increasing number of clients across different industry sectors and the need (as with the introduction of TIB) to have differentiated departments closer to the core of their cross border client service offerings.

Such organisational differentiation in response to the complex and rapidly ch...

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