Essay on Cognitive Psychology : Psychology And Psychology

Essay on Cognitive Psychology : Psychology And Psychology

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“Cognitive psychology is the study of mental processes such as attention, language use, memory, perception, problem solving, creativity and thinking.” The processes of cognitive psychology also utilize the aspects of other psychological disciplines including: educational, social, personality, abnormal, developmental, and economic psychology. A cognitive psychologist’s main objective is to assess a person’s mental ability. My primary interest in researching this particular field in psychology is due to the fact that I am interested in the brain and how the brain causes us to become who we are.
A cognitive psychologist’s job description can range from diagnosing and helping someone with a learning disability to assisting lawyers and other legal professionals in the cases of the criminally insane. A cognitive psychologist is often the professional who must deem a person mentally competent in order to testify in court. Cognitive psychologists deal with the intricate processes of the brain and how these methods contribute to a person’s well-being and emotional health. The discipline of cognitive psychology is very broad and can be applied to clients ranging in age from a child to the elderly. For example, a cognitive psychologist may work with children in terms of assisting them with behavioral issues they might be experiencing. A cognitive psychologist aspires to figure out whether or not a child’s behavior or learning difficulties can be contributed to abnormal brain functions. They can also be employed at nursing homes, where their main purpose is to observe the patients afflicted with Alzheimer’s. In a nursing home setting, the cognitive psychologist must assess each individuals needs and then determine what the best co...

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...n an effective manner.
After conducting research on the topic of cognitive psychology, I have come to the conclusion that this particular field of psychology does not fit what I have in mind to pursue as a career. I would prefer to only obtain my master’s degree. The majority of a cognitive psychologists job description and education requirements insist that a person receive a higher level of education in order to procure more career opportunities and advancements. Also another factor about this occupation I did not totally consider or was not aware of before was the amount of time that must be spent on research. Research is imperative to the branch of cognitive psychology. It is crucial that one must enjoy and excel at this kind of responsibility. I think that my skills would be more suited and be more beneficial to a different psychological discipline.

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