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Cognitive Enhancement Drugs Essay

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In this paper, I explore whether there ought to be a rule that prohibits the use of CEDs in education. I first argue that a rule prohibiting the use of CEDs ought to exist because using CEDs thwarts the attainment of an internal good of the educational practice. One of the aims of education is to learn responsibility, thus responsibility is an internal good of education. The use of cognitive enhancements will then block students from attaining from learning this. I then object to the claim that there ought to be a rule against taking CEDs. I show that in fact, cognitive enhancement drugs do not thwart the learning of responsibility and hence that the original argument is unsound.

First, I will show why there ought to be rules prohibiting behaviors that thwart the attainment of an internal good of any practice. Imagine that all the people who play Words with Friends download the game because they find that playing the game gets their creative juices flowing and that they also find it intriguing how they can create words from the random letters. So, playing Words with Friends can be categorized as an internal good because by just playing the game you are . Now with all the technology there is today say people use websites such as that give people an unfair advantage by going on that website, and using their resource to generate words from the rack of letters. Now not only does this website give you a huge variety of words ranging from longest words to most valuable but the website also offers advice, tips and strategies on how to improve ones vocabulary and overall points totals. Now using this website will not only give that person an unfair advantage but it will also thwar...

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...on time. With that said, taking CED’s will thwart the ability for students to learn responsibility because they will become irresponsible by taking a CED so that they can cram at the last minute. CED’s will then falsify responsibility in which, it will cause students to be irresponsible preventing them from growing up as responsible students as the educational practice aimed for.
I began by stating how internal goods should be protected against anything that can remotely challenge the reason behind the good. I then showed how responsibility is an internal good by establishing that the aim of education is to be successful and the way to success is by being responsible for ones actions. Finally I explained how exactly CED’s thwart the attainment of responsibility as an internal good of education. Therefore, there ought to be a rule that prohibits the use of CED’s.

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