Cognitive Development : Erikson, And Kohlberg Essay

Cognitive Development : Erikson, And Kohlberg Essay

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In life we go through many stages and we don’t have names for them. That changed when Piaget, Erikson, and Kohlberg went more into depth with them. They discovered the many stages of life every person goes through. Their stages define what I have gone through and what I will go through. While Piaget focuses more on cognitive development, Erikson focuses on social development, and Kohlberg kept his focus on developing morality.
As an infant, Piaget states infants are in the sensorimotor stage, where we lack object permanence and have reflexes. An example in my life would be that my caretaker used to play peek-a-boo with me to stop me from crying because I thought she disappeared. I was born with rooting reflex which helped me seek out my mother’s nipple in order to feed. According to Erikson, we develop basic trust with people. When I was young, a friend of my caretaker’s son wanted to carry me but I had no idea who he was so my natural reaction was to cry. Another thing that didn’t help is that he was a husky guy and in my eyes he was menacing. In that stage Kohlberg explains pre-conventional morality: self -interest and what we gain. I bit a boy in my class because he was teasing me, this resulted in me being punished for that. Later, whenever he bothered me I tattled on him rather than do anything physical because I didn’t want to get punished by my caretaker and/or parents.
Preoperational stage is when toddlers start to think everything is about them and start to use language more. I played pretend house with my cousins, I was given the role of mother and often talked about that world when nobody knew what I was talking about because I assumed that everyone knew about my world. I started to do things for myself at an early age ...

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...sts and finding a job will be tough because of all the competition of the other applicants. I will eventually find a job which I will enjoy and love. As studies suggest that right after I have a stable job and know what my preference is I will seek out potential mates and eventually marry one of them. Maybe even have kids and live in the stereotypical white picket fence house, since I am a simple person.
The life I had and the life I will have, have changed me as a person entirely. I became more confident and I’m learning to be independent. This would not have been accomplished without the motivation of my parents are their never ending trust and support in me. My friends have also influenced who I was because of good peer pressure and avoidance of the misguided children in school. I have a lot left to go through in my life according to Piaget, Erikson, and Kohlberg.

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