Essay Cognitive Development At The Older Age

Essay Cognitive Development At The Older Age

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10. Cognitive Development
Since the kids in the older age are more likely to adventure the world around them, they were more often to demonstrate a cognitive development while observing them. A male born 06/04/12 was riding on a bike during the time they went outside. While riding the bike, he went through the sand and the bike began to stop peddling. He was confused at first on why the bike wasn’t moving anymore. Then, after noticing that the shovel was stuck between the tire and the bike, he quickly removed the shovel and started peddling again. His action was an example of problem-solving. A female born 04/23/12, also demonstrated problem-solving skills. While she was playing in the sand, there was a strainer in the sand box. She tried using the strainer to pick up sand and put it in ta buck, but the sand kept falling out the bottom of the strainer and she didn’t realize at first, until she wasn’t getting a lot of sand in her bucket. She first observed the strainer when picking up the sand and seen that the sand was falling out of the bottom, so she put the strainer down and picked up a shovel that could get the job done. Both kids demonstrated problem-solving skills another child around their age would be able to do. Both kids would fall under the preoperational stage of Piaget’s Cognitive Development Theory. The preoperational stage is when kids, usually around the age of 2-7 years old, use their mental storehouse of images, symbols, and other things the help solve problems (Baltimore, D., HD FS 102 lecture, 2016, Fall). Both the male and female used knowledge and observed first to solve the problem that they were going through.
11. Social Development
A female born on 04/23/12 was social with a lot of people on her classroo...

... middle of paper ... the category. Other than that, it was a great experience to see how different age group develop and how kids within an age group develop differently. I was excited to see that the information that I found out was very accurate to what the theorist were saying in theories about development. After doing this assignment, if I were to ever have kids I would focus on what they are teaching the kids, how are they communicating with the kids, are they keeping the kids up to date on vocabulary and if the staff or teachers there talk to kids in baby talk or not. I would also look to see the ratio there is to kid to teachers in the classroom because I need my child to get all the attention he/she needs to full develop properly. A big one is staff qualification, if they haven’t been working with kids or specialize in child care, I wouldn’t even think of bring my child there.

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