Cognitive, Cognitive Behavioral, and Reality Theories Essay

Cognitive, Cognitive Behavioral, and Reality Theories Essay

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Cognitive, Cognitive Behavioral and Reality Theories
Cognitive Theory
Cognitive theory is a learning approach in psychology that attempts to explain the behavior of humans by studying thoughts and reasoning process. The cognitive theory is founded on many other factors like cognitive reasoning and social cognitive theory. Aaron Beck founded the theory and it is meant to understand the human behavior by observing the processes triggered by reasoning and individual thoughts. The cognitive theory is a research based theory because it tends to investigate human behavior through making observations and thought analysis.
Other issues under the cognitive theory are social and learning theories that are founded on the assumptions that humans make decisions based on logical evaluation of ideas. One of the strengths of the theory is in its recognition of humans as logical beings. It rejects behaviorism because the theory does not recognize the importance of logics in human reasoning.
The role of therapists is to develop positive reasoning and promote logical thinking in the client. The therapists help clients to develop self motivation and positive behaviors by embracing rational and logical thoughts. The client is expected to make a follow up of the ideas and concepts provided by the therapists. Both clients and therapists should be in constant communication to encourage positive thinking and develop logical and rational ideas.
Cognitive Behavior
Cognitive behavioral therapy is an approach used by psychotherapists to deal with emotional and behavioral behaviors. One of the issues associated with this type of therapy is the approach can be used in the treatment of other diseases related to emotional and physical stress. According to...

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...tes possibilities of collision and clogging of ideas during the implementation stage. Within these factors, the therapy is essential in ensuring that different problems are addressed using personalized ideas.

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