Essay about Cognitive Biases And Facial Emotion Recognition

Essay about Cognitive Biases And Facial Emotion Recognition

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Article #1
Daros, A. R., Uliaszek, A. A., & Ruocco, A. C. (2014). Perceptual biases in facial emotion recognition in borderline personality disorder. Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment, 5(1), 79-87. doi:10.1037/per0000056
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Patients diagnosed with BPD, more often than not, feel emotions with a greater intensity than those who do not have the disorder. For example, patients that have the disorder can have a stronger reaction to neutral facial expressions than those of a healthy control group. As a result of having BPD, the patients diagnosed with it often have a slightly more negative attribution of what each facial expression meant in this study. Because of this, many of the BPD patients may be more prone to hardships in understanding the non-verbal feelings of those around them and possibly difficulties in socializing adequately with the world outside of their own mind.
Independent: The independent variable of the experiment is the intensity of the emotions represented through the use of the PEAT (Penn Emotional Acuity Test) for both groups of participants.
Dependent: The dependent variable in this experiment is the accuracy and response times of each participant in each individual trial of the experiment and whether the participants show improved facial expression recognition from trial-to-trial.

Article #2
Thome, J., Liebke, L., Bungert, M., Schmahl, C., Domes, G., Bohus, M., & Lis, S. (2016). Confidence in facial emotion recognition in borderline personality disorder. Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment, 7(2), 159-168. 2
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... middle of paper ... of BPD in adolescent individuals, psychologists compared the increase in morphed facial expression. Patients identified quickly their ability to thoroughly evaluate facial expressions was hindered by their disorder. Adolescents that have BPD were shown to be less expressive than those without the disorder. (Robin et al., 2012)
Independent: Facial expressions reflected on the computer screen. Operationalized using the facial affect series that was developed by Ekman and Friesen in 1976. (Robin et al.,2012)
Dependent: Emotion recognition by the participants. Operationalized by measuring the correctness of each participant’s responses to the facial affect series used.
Controlled: Each of Gender, Age, and Socio-economic status were matched for both patients and control group participants. All participants were aged to be categorized as Adolescents.

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