Essay on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Essay on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

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The development of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy has been culminated as a result of combination of factors that necessitated the drastic shift in assessment and treatment of behavioural and mental diseases. The failure of psychoanalysis and laboratory experiments approaches let to the precursor approaches to accelerate scientific progress by providing evident-based diagnosis and effective treatments. As a result, the popularity of psychoanalysis psychotherapy and laboratory experiments had to diminish with the advent of cognitive revolution (Keith S. D. & Dacid J. A. D., 2001) which heightened the quest for data oriented techniques in assessment and treatments of behaviour and emotional problems Holly, H. S., and Michellle G. C., 2002). Notable contributors in this crusade were some prominent scholars in the field such Aaron Beck, Albert Ellis and Alfred Adler and a host of others. Thus, the emergence of Cognitive research has significantly facilitated the change by influencing the perspectives’ view of many therapists such as Rational-Emotive Behaviour therapy and Behaviour approaches who either relay on psychoanalysis or laboratory (Ellis, A., 1980) in dealing with their patients. Given the centrality of cognitive approach in the new psychology, this development led to coming together of many therapies, a process through which the Cognitive Therapy and others formed Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. The emergence of the concept, though provided lots of solutions to psychotherapies, but raised considerable conceptual tensions as to its definitions and historical development and classification, etc (Taylor, E. 2000). Thus, there are many definitions offered on the concept of Cognition Behaviour Therapy and in one of that, it is defined a...

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...ructional techniques to merger. This was particularly true in the case of Rational-Emotive Behaviour Therapy and Cognitive Therapy which have come to merge. Similar development also brought Behaviour Therapy and Cognitive Therapy together. Such merger as some studies stress is the basic nature of Cognitive Therapy which can be used as a single treatment technique or combined with other methods such mentioned above (Keith S. D. & Dacid J. A. D., 2001). The aimed of the treatment with CBT as Keith et al argue is for its effectiveness in modification of behaviour ‘with less doctrinaire context and to incorporate the cognitive activities of the client in the effort to produce therapeutic change’ (2001) . Unlike, the traditional psychotherapeutic model, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is seen as a technique that offers short-term treatment and goal oriented psychotherapy.

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