Cognitive Behavioral Therapy And Thinking For A Change Essay

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy And Thinking For A Change Essay

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Group Project: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Thinking for a Change
Tina Gaffin
University of the Cumberlands

This paper will discuss the plan for implementing a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy group for substance abuse users in a probation setting, using the evidence-based program: Thinking for a Change. It will include: leadership guidelines, group syllabus, lesson plans, marketing and billing needs.
Keywords: CBT, T4C, psychotherapy, group

Type of Group
I am establishing a Thinking for a Change (T4C), psychotherapy group for probationers who have substance abuse issues. T4C is considered as a psychotherapy group because, “the group members are identified through a screening process, and because the goal of the group is to change people on a deeper level” (Erford, 2011). “In the corrections field, the targeted behavior is a reduction in client recidivism, and cognitive behavioral interventions have been found to be an evidence-based practice for achieving this goal. T4C was developed by Barry Glick, Jack Bush, and Julian Taymans in cooperation with the National Institute of Corrections (NIC); T4C incorporates research from cognitive restructuring theory, social skills development, and the learning and use of problem solving skills. It is made up of 25 lessons that build upon each other. Not all lessons can be completed in one session, so it may take up to 30 session to complete one cycle. Classes typically range between one to two hours, depending on how many group members there are and the lesson you are working on. There are typically two classes a week. Group members are given homework after most lessons. There is an aftercare program that is made availa...

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...I would like to open this class up to referrals from the probation officers. I will also post flyers up in the probation department offering this class to those who are interested.
Potential Impact on the Group
“Psychotherapy groups allow members restructure parts of their personality, receive feedback, practice new skills, in a safe environment”, (2011). Through peer to peer discussions, group members will generate positive reinforcements to remain drug free, and to complete their probation successfully.


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