Coffee Is A 's Effect On Their Lives Essay

Coffee Is A 's Effect On Their Lives Essay

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Why Coffee Is Overrated
This morning I had a cup of coffee and it got me thinking do we really need to drink coffee? Coffee is the everyday morning life for most people in the world. It is their “wake me up drink” and also their “keep me going through the day drink.” I, personally grew up around coffee. My parents drank coffee every morning, like most people, and praised it like it was their world. Most mornings, my parents would make sure they had enough time to sit down and drink their cup of coffee (or sometimes two) while reading the paper before they went to work. If they did not have enough time in the morning to drink their coffee they would become very grumpy feeling like their entire day was ruined because of it.
People around the world honestly do think that coffee has an impact on their lives and impact how they will feel the rest of the day. I personally feel that coffee is overrated because a drink cannot cause you to act differently. I think coffee has a psychological effect of making the person think they are actually getting energized by drinking a cup or two. When I drink coffee, it does not make me any less tired or more energetic than I was before.
Most people have a preference of what kind of coffee they like better or which type is the best. Coffee is coffee, yes it may have a different taste to different people, but that is because of your biological make-up or better known as your taste buds. Starbucks is one of the number one places where people get their coffee from. Now some people would choose to go somewhere else to get there coffee everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Starbucks is definitely another overrated thing. Everyone is head over heels because of Starbucks, but do t...

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...mpound in coffee grounds that has been found to increase levels of 'bad ' cholesterol. It is important that you don 't drink too much coffee. More than four to five cups a day can cause insomnia, irritability and restlessness. Also, take into consideration that caffeine can have negative effects on people who have an anxiety disorder, heart disease, or are pregnant.
Another reason coffee is also overrated is because they have a National Coffee Day which is September 29 of every year. Why do they even need to have a National Coffee Day? There are definitely more important things in life than coffee. We need to really start thinking about what is a necessity in life and what isn’t. You don’t become socially acceptable or cooler if you drink the most expensive coffee. Coffee is coffee and we need to realize that there are better things in this world than coffee.

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