Coffee Is A Large Industry Globally Essay

Coffee Is A Large Industry Globally Essay

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Coffee is a large industry globally; The International Coffee Organization says that globally consumption of coffee has increased by almost 42% in the last one hundred years. There are many different options for getting your cup of coffee in the morning, but it’s not the type of coffee that has variety but also how it is consumed “Historically, coffee sales remained strong even after the 2008 recession, when economists predicted that retail profits would plummet” (National Coffee). Italy is considered the epitome of coffee culture, with its numerous independently owned cafes and deeply rooted traditions that go back centuries. But America is the country that globalized a new kind of coffee culture using coffee chains like Starbucks. As far as consumption goes Italians drink 5.8kg per year and Americans drink 4.5 kg per year of coffee (International Coffee Organization) making them both on relatively equal ground in terms of consumption. Americanized coffee is an agent of globalization, while the Italian coffee practices contain a more traditional approach. Some of the major differences between the two are choices in types of coffee, time spent in the store, and time of day frequenting the café.
An obvious difference between American coffee and Italian coffee is what the baristas and customers add to the coffee. In America “24% used nothing” (NCA 43) added, leaving 76% of American consumers that add something to their coffee. They add either sugar, milk, creamer, flavored syrups or a combination of them. More than one-half of American consumers (55%) use flavored syrups in their coffee. Flavored drinks like mocha, caramel, cupcake, and mint lattes or cappuccinos are on almost every menu. But in Italy “Sugar and artificial sweeten...

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...fee before continuing to work and again later in the day going for a third or fourth cup. While Italian have an espresso before work, then after work sit with family at a café and socialize over their second cup of coffee that day. For Americans it is rare to see someone buying a cup of coffee in the evening but most Italians can be found sitting at a coffee shop in the evening.
“Eighty-nine percent of the adult US population consumed caffeine” (Fulgoni). The numbers for Italy are approximately the same. (Ding) As one can expect the inherently different culture and deals of the two countries creates two different subcultures surrounding more than just the roasting of coffee beans and drip brewing of coffee. The United States and Italy contain unique practices and traditions behind their coffee because of how unexpectedly social the activity of drinking coffee is.

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