Coffee Drinking is the Most Common Practice Essay

Coffee Drinking is the Most Common Practice Essay

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Day-to-day activity involves buying goods and services to widespread application of economic concepts to determine the best goods and services. Coffee drinking is one of the most common practices; hardly does a day pass before one buys a cup of coffee. There are several economic aspects studied in class and from further readings on economics, but this essay considers the practice of buying coffee and how people apply the economic concept of efficiency to determine the coffee they buy.
Efficiency entails making the best use of limited resources, ascertaining the benefits accrued from an activity surpass the opportunity cost. According to Hurley (2010), economists categorize efficiency into three groups: technical efficiency; cost-effective efficiency; and allocative efficiency.
When one goes to a coffee shop, pricing is one of the most important considerations. People constantly overlook certain shops because of their price range. Consumers tend to prefer the coffee shops where they can acquire good quality coffee while not feeling economically exploited. Overlooking one coffee shop...

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