Coffee Drinkers' Unknown Role in Society Essay

Coffee Drinkers' Unknown Role in Society Essay

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Coffee Drinkers’ Unknown Role in Society
Being one of the most consumed beverages in the world, coffee has played a vital role in today’s culture. At present, it is hard to imagine a world without coffee, however, before the thirteenth century, making the beverage from coffee beans was undiscovered. Coffee got its start in Ethiopia, and by the fifteenth century, coffee spread to the Arabian Peninsula and became an integral part of their religious ceremonies. Coffee houses began to open up and they became a trendy place to engage in conversation, listen to music, watch entertainers, play chess, and hear the recent news. These places of assembly became so important for the exchange of information that they were often referred to the “Schools of the Wise”. Coffee and the accompanied coffee houses made their way to Europe, the Americas, and essentially all over the world by the seventeenth century. Finally, in 1773 coffee became the number two beverage in America, preceded only by water.
Coffee drinkers now make up 54 percent of the adult population in the United States (Hill). Some common misconceptions about coffee drinkers are that their habit is an unhealthy waste of time and money, or that coffee drinkers live on the go and fast paced lives. Although there are negative aspects to being a coffee drinker and such busy people do belong to the social group, coffee drinkers have a positive effect on the community around them and the United States as a whole. With more than half of the country’s adults belonging to the coffee drinker’s social group, it is important for people to know about their social activity and how it affects society.
While coffee drinkers and many other groups do gather together to have discussions, the United S...

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...he fast paced world that we live, coffee drinkers take value in slowing down for a moment to build relationships and socialize with peers, friends, and family. More Americans should mimic the coffee drinkers’ habits because of the favorable results that such socialization produces.

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