The Coe 's Family Outing Essay

The Coe 's Family Outing Essay

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The Coe’s Family Outing
Have you ever wondered what makes family gathering so special? What makes the event rewarding for all who participate? Why memories of your past calibration have an everlasting affect on family bonding. Well I would like to enlighten you all on what make my families outing so special.
I recall as a young boy living in Queens, New York my father would come home from work on a Friday evening. He would be excited to get home to his family after working long hours at the construction site. My father would enter the house, take off his hat and coat and gently hang it on the coat rack. He would ask for his daily newspaper, sit down in his favorite lounge chair. Recline back into the chair and take a deep breath and “say I am finally home”. After reading the newspaper my father would call all of my brothers and sisters together and tell us he has an announcement. With a cool aid smile on his face, he would, “say it beach time again”. Hearing this our eyes would light up like stars in the night. We knew this meant we would be going to our favorite beach “Coney Island” in In Brooklyn New York. We knew my mother would put together a feast we all would love. She would prepare a lunch that was out of this world. Each of us had our favorites. My brothers and I loved ham and cheese sandwiches. My sister was peanut butter and jelly lovers. My father was the fried chicken lover. However my mother would find a way to prepare everything my family liked. A lot of love went into those family outings.
There was so much anticipation flowing thought our bodies the night before the trip we were unable to sleep. We stayed up late talking about the next day. One of the conversation was about the travel to the beach. During that ...

... middle of paper ...

...he 30 minute rule come from. I am still asking myself where do I find the information about the 30 minute rule.
It is getting late and the sun is going down. Our day at the beach is coming to a close. However there is one thing I can remember about all of the fun and excitement. Our trip to the beach has a way of bringing our family closer together and building bounds of love that can never be broken. We are all grown and have our own families. Our children are the ones excited about the special family trips. The bonds we made is being passed on to our children who will pass it on to their children. Concreting their family connections. Teaching love of their brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, mothers and fathers. Teach that there is no stronger bond than family. I remember so vividly how our family outing brought a family together and created love for eternity.

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