Codes Of Ethics State And The Profession Of Educator Essay

Codes Of Ethics State And The Profession Of Educator Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to describe the three codes of ethics National, state and the profession of educator and the main rationale of this paper is to analyze a case study based on the code of ethics. Educators must take into account the principles, values and dignity of each person by maintaining a professional attitude at all times trying to do his best to achieve the development of student potential. Respect and trust between students, colleagues, parents and other community members must be maintained considering the codes of ethics.
All members of the educational community must follow the code of ethics of Miami-Dade County. The fundamental principles of this code are citizenship, cooperation, fairness, honesty, integrity, kindness, respect and responsibility. All employees agree to follow these principles and must demonstrate confidentiality, comply with the application of the law and have all required certificates.
The code of ethics of the Florida Department of Education denotes that it is essential to give students freedom to learn semicolon; therefore, teachers must ensure equal opportunities for all. The principles of professional conduct require that the teacher always maintains a professional attitude and any violation of the principles established by the code will be condemned and punished by the law. It states very clearly that no student can be judged by race, creed, sex, age, political beliefs or disability status.
The National ethics code uses the resources allocated in the National Education Association (NEA) to prevent violations of the code. The teacher must be careful not to exclude any student or deny benefits to any student. The educator will not grant advantages to one student over another, Educators ...

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... all times trying to do his best to achieve the development of student potential. Respect and trust between students, colleagues, parents and other community members must be maintained considering the codes of ethics. The case study was presented and the obligation of the teacher to report the case was explained in detail. It was also explained that if a teacher were to behave unethically in this area, he would face not only suspensions and administrative punishments, but also the possibility of having to go to court because reporting child abuse is a law in the state of Florida. Several resources are available to teachers to make sure that they understand the code of ethics and how the department of education pays attention to it. The teacher must always have good communication with the students and their parents in an environment of equality, fairness and honesty.

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