Codes Of Ethics And Core Principles Essay

Codes Of Ethics And Core Principles Essay

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For Aotearoa our code of ethics and core principles underpin the guidelines for social workers in the profession (Thomas, 2014). The development and support these core principles provide us with, will give us a better understanding on how well we interact and communicate. We are going to explore the uniqueness of two different groups and define, the social work relationships between people of social and economic class, and religion.

The social-economic class in New Zealand has rising concerns of poverty, family violence and crime. (Easton, 2008). In history, inequality has always been mistreated, starting back in the English poor law days (Carpenter & Osborne 2014). In the 1950s New Zealand’s welfare state perceived and governed, the image of a married European couple with two or three children was seen as normal (Easton, 2008). When the Treaty of Waitangi was signed the social discourse and social policies were built around inequality (Easton, 2008). It’s known by New Zealand society that European families have had more life opportunities, then Maori and Pasifika families.
At present, we are a multicultural country with 200,000 children living below the poverty line, with half being Maori and Pacific Islander. Maori and Pacific Island families have been disadvantaged for years with low incomes, overcrowded housing, undernourished, and poor health with limited access to basic life necessities (Carpenter & Osborne, 2014). This is why the rich get richer and poor die trying. The rate of poverty for Maori and Pacific Island children is 2 to 3 times higher than any other ethnic group in New Zealand. Crime, family violence and imprisonment are all results to some degree of people living in poverty. Some factors such as income povert...

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...ualifications and experience.” “Members respect the worth and dignity of clients, and work in non-discriminatory ways that acknowledge the age, beliefs, culture, gender, marital, legal or family status, intellectual, psychological and physical abilities, race, religion, sexual orientation, and social and economic status of clients”. (ANAZSW,2014 chapter 3)

In this Conclusion all social workers should have a good understanding of diversity, and a greater understanding of each diverse background. It is through our experiences and knowledge we gain, that shape who we are as human beings. The biggest job for social workers is to find a balance, to maintain a social work relationship between groups from social and economic class and religion. Social workers will have to continue to perceive the practice following through with IFSW and the ANZAW code of ethics guidelines.

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