The Code Of Silence And Reinforce Ethical Behavior Essay

The Code Of Silence And Reinforce Ethical Behavior Essay

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One thing experts agree on is that change needs to take place within the subculture to overcoming the blue wall of silence and reinforce ethical behavior (Ortmeier & Meese, 2010, p. 91). Transforming the police subculture requires adjusting the core principles of developing cultural integrity to support the need for a normative inclination to resist abuse that serves self-interests.
Experts argue that the reason the code of silence exists is out of protective aspirations against social pressure, social isolation, limited discretion, authority, and lack of independence (Ivkovic, 2010).
Cultures differ by agency that shapes their cultures that either dominates a professional ethical environment to those that encourage misconduct and adventure seeking. Conflict and unethical behavior within each subculture are resolved more largely on the organization’s structure mandated by its leadership and a vision of reform (Henry, 2010). Transformational leadership encourages follower to follow the leader’s principles and rules through internalized belief rather than expectations of reward or fear of consequence. Ethical standards on behalf of leadership depend on one’s ability to influence others and encompass self-evaluation of one’s values, morals, character, and attitude to be effective in eliciting excellent performance and behaviors in others (Huberts et al., 2007, p.580). Research indicates that supervisors who do not condone misconduct have a better chance of eliminating the code and the corruption it facilities by setting a good example, inspiring others, promoting teamwork, communicating expectations, and disciplinary fairness as essential elements in reinforcing responsibly and accountability (Ivkovic & Shelley, 2010).
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...ntain and enhance public safety. Studies indicate that the agency’s ability to control the blue wall of silence is related to the way officers and supervisors perceive the organization’s policies and the fairness and willingness of staff to report conduct without fear of retaliation (Ivkovic & Shelley, 2010). While most officers behave and promote ethical integrity, reduction in unethical behavior requires counseling, training, discipline, intervention, and termination of officer’s who fail to demonstrate ethical behavior. A police culture that tolerates unethical behavior and supports low-integrity harbors an environment that does not know how to resist the temptation to behave in a way that is socially unacceptable or abuses authority. As a result, promoting an ethical environment within the subculture focuses not only on individuality but the agency as a whole.

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