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The Honor Code
A quote spoken by once famous philosopher Aristotle states as such: “Dignity does not consist in possessing honors, but in deserving them,” (Motivational & Inspirational Corner). This quote very reasonably explains what it means to possess either an honor code or an academic honor code. Simply put, the self-dignity that comes along with properly following an honor code does not come by possessing such honors, but by deserving what is given to you by taking the code seriously. An individual who follows such a code honestly would be someone who deserves the honor; however, someone who does not follow the code in complete honesty would be someone who possesses the honor with no meaning or pride behind it.
An honor code is a very simple concept that is very easy for people to grasp and thrive with. Simply stated, an honor code is a set of rules in which people are trusted to follow, and failure to obey these rules can result in punishments determined by an Honor Council (Oxford Learner 's Dictionaries). Such punishments can result with the student having to participate in workshops that teach the student how not to cheat or even go as far as expulsion. Just the threat of expulsion is enough to prevent a student from cheating; any suspicions of it can be reported by peers, allowing the student to know they will be caught regardless of their situation. Although, with such punishments in place, students are given the freedom to work where they please with items such as tests or exams, and they are trusted to abide by the code and not permit any form of cheating. While being given the opportunity to work comfortably, the schools that enforce these codes simply ask for students to not partake in cheating.
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...“the easy way” is not how work should be done, whether it be for school or their career. Doing honest and hard work is the way in which you earn respect from others and are able to properly partake in self-pride and dignity. This creates a student with a profound character, and the more people we see like this in life, the more successful society becomes.
The use of academic honor codes should most definitely be used in the educational system. Honor codes not only promote good character, but lessen the chances of students cheating. Enforcing honor codes in more schools across the country only comes with benefits for not only the present but the future as well. The more people that are influenced by an honor code from a young age, the more successful we can be as a society, due to more honest and prideful people. An honor code can only benefit us for the greater good.

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