Code Of Ethics And Principles Of Professional Conduct Essay

Code Of Ethics And Principles Of Professional Conduct Essay

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Code of Ethics & Principles of Professional Conduct

Impact on School Environment

Christopher Gilchrist

Lynn University  
The code of ethics and principles of professional conduct for the education profession in Florida has been the standard and rules that everyone in the education profession has lived by. The code of ethics and principles of professional conduct has one goal, to protect every student and to ensure that everyone has equal rights to education and is treated equally and with respect. It is the job of the educational professionals to follow these codes of ethics and principles, but it is the educational leader’s job to discipline and govern those who don’t. It has been an on going fight for educational leaders to sustain an ethical environment and it will continue to be that way. Educators are role models for students and will be held to a higher standard than the rest of society, which is why good ethics and professionalism is so important to our future. As educators we are put in a position where slip-ups are non permissible, because we are directly influencing the future of our students as well. Furthermore, an ethical environment involves everyone in the school monitoring and reporting everything that’s unethical, which fosters growth and prosperity.
One of the Principles of Conduct for the Education Profession we must get better at is discrimination. Education has long been a pipeline to prison for our minority youth, which is sometimes an effect from school disciplines that aren’t appropriate. These disciplines often lead students to dropout of schools, which will ultimately lead them to the justice system. According to the ...

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...ll eyes are on us because we are held to a higher standard and are expected to live up to those standards not only in school but also with our daily walk.

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