The Code Of Conduct For Responsible Organizations That Best Serve The Public And Promote Fair Dealing

The Code Of Conduct For Responsible Organizations That Best Serve The Public And Promote Fair Dealing

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Employees of companies must consider their actions before making decisions and remember they have an ethical responsibility to the organization and use high moral standards to influence their decisions. Ethical responsibility is crucial and goes beyond personal values, it takes into account which actions provide the greatest benefit for the greatest number and produces the least amount of harm. Not all decisions are black and white, many fall into gray areas. When individuals make unethical decisions it can damage the name of the organization. In the business world the reputation of an organization is based on its integrity. A company must acquire and maintain customers to survive and grow in today’s competitive global market. Rational decisions are expected to be made by the board of directors, management, and its employees. These actions influence how the company is perceived by the public. The object of this paper is examining the code of conduct for responsible organizations that best serve the public and promote fair dealing.
In the following case study “Does it Matter How We Got There (Really)?”, Jim Snelling holds a BBA and MBA and is the vice president of global strategy and operations for Spectro. The competition is tough for the supply chain in the fast paced industry where technologies are constantly evolving. Companies are forced to come up with different advantages to remain at the top of the industry. The market is extremely demanding for the highly respectable multinational corporation of electronic components. Demands of new technology created favorable economic conditions which allowed Spectro to operate in 40 different countries and gained them a piece of the global market.
A company’s success is de...

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...ractices that resembled the appearance of legitimate bidding. Spectro’s management teams can ensure the interests are protected at the end of the process by engaging with key people. However, knowing the competitor charges is not a violation of any antitrust law, using the information to gain an unfair advantage is.
Exercising due diligence, the ethics committee can determine whether they got a fair share of the market, or if the members acquire the products or services through a bidding process using anticompetitive activity. Circumstances may warrant further investigations if the committee determine the member has violated business practices. Injunctions can be placed on the business harming future business conduct. Violating federal laws and mandates can be detrimental for an organization and carry substantial fines and imprisonment terms for violations.

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