Essay about The Code Of Conduct And The Human Rights Of Workers

Essay about The Code Of Conduct And The Human Rights Of Workers

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Google (2016) also state in their code of conduct, they are committed to the human rights of workers. This applies to all workers, temporary, student, contract, direct employees, migrant, and any other type of worker. Labour standards include; Avoidance of Child Labour; Working Hours, Humane Treatment, Non-Discrimination, Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining, Immigration Law and Compliance, Freely Chosen Employment; Student Interns, Anti-human Trafficking, Wages and Benefits.

According to Google (2016) all employees are offered generous parental leave, retirement savings plans, and death benefits, along with many other benefits. In some offices, you can even bring your pet dog to work. All employees have access to healthcare. In some locations, onsite healthcare services are available, including physical therapy, massage services physicians, and chiropractic. Many of Googles offices have on-site fitness centres and classes. The wide range of cafes and micro kitchens provide meals keeping employees healthy.

4.3 Positive reports of CSR related to HRM

Fortune magazine (2015) reports Google is the number one, place to work for the seventh time in ten years. Miller (2016) an employee of Google discusses the five best things about working for Google, including great company culture and great pay and benefits.
Adams (2015) reports, for the second year in a row, Google being at the top of a list of companies having the best reputations for corporate social responsibility in the world. Google scores high on every measure. According to Brad Hecht, a vice president at Reputation Institute, the eighteen year old consulting business that measures corporate reputations around the globe, CSR, accounted for 40% of the reputation ...

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...nce is culture between the two countries of operation. Preuss (2009) describes CSR as a predominantly American concept and practice. Pasquero, (2004), cited in Preuss (2009), suggests that American CSR is embedded in American culture and institutions, and is dominant in the traditions of individualism, democratic pluralism and utilitarianism.
The writer concludes the favourable company for investment, in relation to responsible business practise and HRM to be Google. Given the widespread reports of bad practise within Samsung, differences in laws and culture and finally that CSR and HRM practise is embedded within Google. Samsung show adopted practises giving rise to resistance and bad practice as identified within the company. All the research undertaken after evaluation suggests Google acts considerably more responsible in relation to CSR practises related to HRM.

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