Coco Chanel: The Powerhouse of Fashion Essay

Coco Chanel: The Powerhouse of Fashion Essay

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Coco Chanel is an exclusive French luxury fashion brand most people know about. It is the one brand that has remained classic and pure. Chanel never has anything outrageous or too out there in their collections, it is just basic as Coco Channels motto has always been “back to basics”. The classic black and white pattern of Chanel will always remain a legend and has been quite successful with the company being worth billions of dollars. The private company has been called the powerhouse of fashion being owned by Alain and Gerard Wertheimer who were Coco Chanel's early business partners. The little black dress ,Chanel no.5, and the black and white suit are the most known products of Chanel. High profile models and movie stars have always been the ones representing the high fashion company. Anyways, enough background information, my key message is how I figured out the marketing plan of Channel’s perfume ad for Mademoiselle. The specific perfume Mademoiselle is a popular fragrance by Chanel that is fresh and young quite resembling young Coco Chanel. This bottle of perfume is considered a luxury being priced around 120$. Finding out the marketing plan of this certain ad all starts out with the core marketing concepts of every company.

First and foremost, the reason I chose to do research on this ad is because I found it to be interesting since my favorite actress and brand were in one photograph for this ad. But the challenge started when I started thinking “how did this ad come together?” but I think I figured out the answer. It all starts out with the core marketing concepts. Lets start off with Chanel's mission statement which is "To be the Ultimate House of Luxury, defining style and creating desire, now and forever." In order ...

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... it can be a disadvantage to use models on advertisements because it comes to the controversial topic of “Is this what everybody should look like?”. When company's use these models that seem perfect on their advertisements a lot of young girls will struggle with self esteem and think that is what they are supposed to look like. In general, fashion has never had the best reputation for this, putting controversial opinions of body image and eating disorders. In the end though, I believe that the way Chanel does its advertising is very beneficial for the company and is obviously doing it good seeing how successful Chanel is, while still competing with other luxury brands.
After seeing the advertisement for Chanel perfume Mademoiselle, a consumer will possibly want to go buy the product. A consumers buyer behavior habits affect

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