Cocaine Cowboys : Film Review Essay

Cocaine Cowboys : Film Review Essay

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Cocaine Cowboys. Billy Corben. Jon Roberts, Mickey Munday, Jorge “Rivi” Ayala, and Jan Hammer. Magnolia Pictures. 2006.

Cocaine Cowboys is documentary film that was released in 2006 that was directed Billy Corben, and produced by Alfred Spellman and Corben. The film is about the rise of cocaine smuggling and the Miami drug war during the years of 1970s-1980s in Miami, Florida. In our textbook that is chosen for this course which is called, “Sociology: A Global Perspective” (Ferrante). We go over deviance, conformity, and social control in chapter seven; all in which becomes very relevant when put in the same conversation with this film, Cocaine Cowboys. This film is a true example of deviance that our society struggles with still to this day.
The film presents the development of the illegal drug trade in Miami with interviews of both ex-drug traffickers and law enforcement, with the help of news footage from that era. It reveals that marijuana was the most wanted imported drug during the 1960s and 1970s but was soon replaced by cocaine. There was so much cocaine that began to be smuggled into the United States through Miami that the price for the drug dropped and became easily accessible to the “blue collar” market. Jon Roberts and Mickey Munday both were drug traffickers during this era revealed the organized methods they use to import drugs into the United States and given us an inside look on their personal perspective on the luxurious but consequential lifestyle. Jorge “Rivi” Ayala an ex-enforcer who worked for Griselda Blanco (infamous Colombian drug lord) talked more about the dark side of the business that was resulted in over 200 (New York, Miami, and Southern California) murders that involved drug trafficking.
In our s...

... middle of paper ... because it seen as a badge of honor among certain groups. Anytime a professor brings up the subject of drugs or specifically marijuana the attention students have during the lecture instantly goes up because it is topic that they find enjoyable and relatable.
Obviously, murder or rape and other type of deviant action that falls into those categories will forever be unforgivable actions but the topic of drug use is starting to slowly change. The warnings of using this drugs are still being voiced but the need to keep society from them are lessening. Marijuana since then has become legal in twenty-five states and only four out of that total is the drug legal for recreational use (Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Alaska). In my opinion, it seems that social mores are changing by the era or that people who have always wanted these changes are finally achieving them.

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