Coca Cola: The Indian Culture and The United States Culture Essay

Coca Cola: The Indian Culture and The United States Culture Essay

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India’s culture:

India is one of the countries that this report will cover. Power distance is rather high in India this is evident when observing the rather extreme levels of inequality amongst individuals. It is also apparent in the work place, managers expect their team members to be obedient. Employees also count on being clearly directed when it comes to their tasks and what is expected out of them. Top down communication is employed and negative feedback rarely moves up the ladder. In this society there is no need for justification of an individuals position in the social hierarchy. (Cultural tools, n.d.)

India sits in the middle of the scale and can be considered both individualistic and collective. There is great need for belonging to a bigger social framework. In Indian culture family is highly stressed. They strive to increase and preserve their family’s riches, by working hard in order to maintain the family’s dignity and insure the longevity of their offspring.. On the other hand the individualistic aspects of Indian culture are influenced by the major religion in India, which is Hinduism. Hindus believe in reincarnation where past lives are seen as affecting and determining the present life, as a result of this individuals are responsible for how they live their lives and how that will impact their next lives. Since aspects of both individualism and collectivism are present, India scores intermediately in this dimension. (Cultural tools, n.d.)

India can be considered a masculine society. This is evident visually in the display of success and power, which is best observed in the flaunting of wealth. It is common for one to advertise their success. However as previously mentioned Indian culture is heavily influe...

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... the use of basic and effective rainwater harvesting technologies. Coca-Cola has installed these technologies in over 200 locations to assist in recharging aquifers. (Case against Coca-Cola Kerala, n.d.)

To conclude culture is a very broad term, which can be defined in many ways. India and the USA share some of hofstede’s dimensions in common with each other, Such as masculinity and uncertainty avoidance. But also differ greatly when it comes to power distance and individualism dimensions. Coca-Cola does customize its operations to a certain degree, mainly concerning packaging and marketing in different countries. However this customization is next to nothing when looking at how extensively different fast food menus are in different countries. Coca-Cola has faced issues while operating in India, which they have taken measures to correct and improve.

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