Coca Cola Company Case Study Essay

Coca Cola Company Case Study Essay

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The Coca-Cola Company is one biggest enterprise that people across a global is lots of consumed and recognized. Also, the company has organized structure of itself in terms of reflecting on the particular requirement of local market sensitively. (Coca Cola company Case study). In this essay will analysis achieving of company strategy and consider about responsiveness of product to customers. Responsiveness, however, have to consider the international business strategy that to be suitable with regional and analysis their supply chain through cost and efficiency trade-off. In addition this statement will be aware of swot of company as well.
- The global and local strategy of Coca Cola

Once again, the Coca Cola enterprise is largest beverage company of the world. It has been recognized the most valuable branch of the world. It has promoted many kind of soft drink of the top worlds brand such as Coca Cola, diet coke, sprite, and Fanta. (
According to achieving strategic fit theories (Chopra. S and Meindl. P, 1988, page 34), There are three basic stages to achieving about strategic fit, such as “ understand the consumers and supply chain uncertainly, understand the supply chains competences and achieve the strategic fit. In order to these strategies that about firstly, indicated the company have to understand the consumer’s requirements for each objective segment. Secondly, each of the various sorts of supply chains is designed to do a different task well. Finally, if a mismatch exists between supply chains is not particularly good and desired consumers requirements that the firms will be restructure either for supporting the competitive strategy.

- Understand the consumers and the supply chains uncertainty of Co...

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...nd innovative into marketing platform across a globe.
4. “Global availability “ Coca cola product was bottled and spread around the world more than one decade ago.
5. “Ongoing innocent “ Constantly offering purchasers with new product for instance, diet coke (1982), Coca cola Vanilla (2002). (Coca Cola company Case study).

The illustration below shows around the world of distribution of sale of products by number percent in 2003.

SWOT analysis of Coca Cola Company
Strengths of Company
1. “Advertising and marketing capabilities”:
The company has spent annual advertisement that was $3.499 billion, $3.266 billion and $3.342 billion in 2014, 2013 and 2012, respectively. Advertising payment charged for 6,9% of total profits each year. In 2014, The Coca Cola Company was the biggest promoter in worldwide about the beverage industry. (Coca Cola Company, 2015).

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