Essay on The Coaster Of Life - Original Writing

Essay on The Coaster Of Life - Original Writing

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The Rollercoaster of Life
I woke up one morning to the sun shining on my face through the stingy, old blinds. It was 7:40am, I had class at 8. I pulled the covers back, jumped off the top bunk and grabbed my toothbrush, than ran to the bathroom. I looked like a mess when I looked at myself in the mirror. I saw a fresh new zit staring right back at me in the mirror, I thought to myself of course, just what I need. I was stressed, I had a big test in bio that day, and I was already on a time crunch. Minute by minute kept going by and I was still trying to get all my stuff together when Madi walked in at 7:52 to walk to class with me. I wasn 't ready, I felt like my whole world was going to change because I was going to be late for my Bio test. If I was late then that meant I was going to fail the test because I was going to be rushed, and then I would have gotten a bad grade, that could potentially make me not do well in the class. Failing my first bio test would change everything I wanted to do in my life. My life would be over. Little did I know that day, that failing my bio test wouldn 't be the worst thing in the world.
September 22, 2015 I was stalking this group of friends that went to a school in my home town. Just going through each one of them, (I’m not a creep I swear), I was bored and I just kept looking at all the pictures and how beautiful and perfect their friend group is. As I was stalking the last friend, I looked at all of her pictures and thought to myself; wow, she has everything. She has the most beautiful long brown hair, she died her a hair a couple time; blonde, red, black, and they all looked amazing on her. Her makeup was done to a perfection so it made it looked like she was hardly wearing any. Her cloth...

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... and then the next day that can be taken away in a millisecond.
Life works in mysterious ways. It’s scary to me to not know when I’m going to see someone again, or if the last talk I had with my mom was on the phone with her about how my night was going. The little things in life are what matter to me. The smile I get from a friend if I’m having a bad day that instantly makes my day feel a little bit better. The good morning text my mom sends me just to check up on me, or even how pretty the sunsets are. The moments and little things I don’t feel like are important; are. These little things in life could also be important to someone else who might be struggling. A simple hi and a smile could change a persons whole day; even though it doesn 't seem like a big deal. The little things in life are what matters the most, embrace them, enjoy them, and spread them around.

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