Coal Mining And The Coal Industry Essay

Coal Mining And The Coal Industry Essay

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Communities where coal mining exists tend to have great advantages, but there are always disadvantages with those benefits. Coal mining is a great energy source suppling about 30% of the entire energy needs over the world, producing 40% of electricity. Where there is coal, there are jobs, roughly 130,000 people are employed in the coal industry. As the demand for coal continues to rise, employment will also increase, raising employment rates. Coal mining is practiced because it is an inexpensive source of energy. The process of coal extraction is not difficult, whether it takes place on the surface or underground, miners are not required to go deep into the earth every time. Unlike oil, when transporting coal, it is easier and cheaper. The coal does not go through high pressure pipelines which includes expensive maintenance. Another advantage is coal powered plants are not dependent on weather, meaning the plants will stay open unless it is declared unsafe and it’s a constant source of electricity. These are some ways that coal mining contributes but the coal industry is full of disadvantages. As it proclaims to earth, the environment is drastically effected by coal. When we burn coal we emit harmful wastes including, carbon and sulfur dioxide, sulfuric acid, as well as nitrogen oxide. The release of CO2, from burning coal makes up 65% more carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere. When industries mine for coal, they affect not only their employees’ health and safety but also the community and surrounding areas. The miners get sick from inhaling fumes and risk getting caved-in and explosions in their workplace. The health of people from local communities near the dig sites are prone to respiratory disease such as, lung cancer, bl...

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...t. In order for the mining system to change everyone needs to take action. There are many reasons why changing is so difficult, some of them include: changing the system too quickly, which could lead to errors that can veer us into paralysis, the opposite of change. People tend to get discouraged about change if they endured past failures, when this happens we fear the effort we put in might not be valuable. They do not yet have the resources needed to make the switch, without the necessary resource change cannot prevail. There are a couple reasons citizens don’t change for the better. One is lack of knowledge; people are not informed about what needs to be changed. The second reason is people do not have the willpower, they lack the motivation to change their way of living. It is hard for people to stop living their lives and adapt to a new way of living overnight.

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