Coal Is A Nonrenewable Fossil Fuel Essay

Coal Is A Nonrenewable Fossil Fuel Essay

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It is clear that our country is approaching turmoil as the population continues to grow and our dependence on electrical power increases. With limited economic resources at our disposal, our country must accommodate the need for future power plants to run on the same primary fuel. With that said, I hope you carefully consider my recommendations, as they are essential in maintaining the current and future state of our country. Although using coal as our primary energy resource has minor sociopolitical and scientific complications, the strategies to address these problems and the social, political, scientific, and economic advantages greatly outweigh the setbacks.
While coal is a nonrenewable fossil fuel, it will provide our country enough energy to last over 20 years. Coal deposits in our country are plentiful, making it a more readily available resource. Since this coal will eventually be extracted, it is logical to use it now to fuel our expanding economy. More importantly, the method for extraction, mountaintop removal mining, is a generally safe approach that presents nominal r...

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