Coal And Hydropower Electricity Consumption Essay

Coal And Hydropower Electricity Consumption Essay

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Over the last decade emissions from electricity consumption in Oregon totaled about 20
to 25 MMTCO2e per year. Coal and hydropower sources generate the state’s electricity
almost evenly. Oregon has imported between one and twenty percent of its annual
electricity, most of it generated by coal plants. In good water years with abundant
hydropower Oregon will export electricity. Emissions increase as the state switches from
a production-based to consumption-based energy supply—as much as two-thirds of
Oregon’s electrical-based emissions use coming from out-of-state sources. While from
1990 to 2007 electricity emissions was one of Oregon’s fastest growing sources of
greenhouse gas. A portion of this was due to the 1993 closure of the Trojan Nuclear
Power Plant in Rainier, OR and replacement of its production with coal power. Portland
General Electric (PGE) closed the Trojan plant due to cracks in the steam-generator
tubing; it represented more than 12% of Oregon’s electrical generation capacity. (The
Governor’s, 2008)
Broken into zoning sectors, Oregon’s electricity emissions measure highest for residential
use (9 MMTCO2e), followed by commercial (7 MMTCO2e) and industrial (6
MMTCO2e). Industrial emissions have remained constant from 1990 to 2007, while
residential and commercial emissions increased by 45% and 55% respectively. (The
Governor’s, 2008) The latter increases have been linked to population growth, which has
increased from 2.86 to 3.72 million within that same period. (Quickfacts Oregon, 2015)
This spike in population can be tied to greenhouse gas influences such as transportation,
which has been one of the single largest sources of emissions in Oregon and throughout
the Pacific Northwest in the last twenty years. Burning f...

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... which projects what might grow where under different
temperature and precipitation scenarios. The model also projects fire frequency under
different climate scenarios including high, moderate, and low trajectories for future
greenhouse emissions. Simulations showed that areas of tropical woodland, temperate
mixed forest, and tundra and alpine vegetation are most vulnerable to impacts of future
climate change, and that approximately one-third of the global land surface could
experience increased fire frequency from altering climate. Rising temperatures are also
being linked to a number of profound environmental impacts such as increase in
elevation of the upper tree line, longer growing seasons, increased length of wildfire
season, earlier breeding by animals and plants, longer and more intense allergy season,
and changes in vegetation zones. (US Forest Service, 2015)

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