The Coaching Process Essay

The Coaching Process Essay

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This report concentrates on implementing a systematic observation on the use of Instruction, Hustle and Scold verbal coaching behaviours of a County Level Coach. Within this report the behaviours will be justified in regards to academic literature, the method of the observation will be presented and results of the observation will be discussed to gain a further understanding of the coaching process.

The Coach observed is a County level club swimming coach who has been coaching swimming for 12 years. The coach has accredited the ASA level 3 swimming instructors award and specifically is head coach of the 14-17 age bracket within the swimming club. Most athletes that compete within the club are experienced competitive swimmers with many individuals’ county and national champions. The sessions in which observations have been recorded are evening sessions in which, are 45 minutes in duration. All sessions are at the Sharley Park Leisure Centre facility and the team observed trains there 4 times a week. Competitions occur at weekends and are conducted by ASA Derbyshire. A large part of the swimming clubs competition is through months May – September but training occurs 44 weeks of the year. An assistant coach is present at the session, within a swimming environment the coach requires a high level of knowledge to maintain safety of the session, the venue where the sessions are held is loud and the time of the sessions is moderately short. This requires the coach to be able to project information clearly to the athletes through the noise and be able to motivate athletes to maintain optimal progression through the session to achieve the set learning outcomes.


Cushion et al (2003) states the need to understand the importance o...

... middle of paper ...

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