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Coaching Exercise Reflection Essay

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I wanted to start telling the story of our experience by sharing the feelings I brought into this exercise. A few years ago I underwent an experience of coaching through several sessions that left me this taste in the mouth that the coaching as a tool to develop others is not very effective. I have not taken the time to deeply analyze what went wrong but in general if I had to choose to do it again I think I would choose another methodology to foster change. Its objective in general is to assist in building behavioral skills, but in my opinion to really look for a long lasting change you need to give a deeper understanding to the lack of a certain skills, strongly reflect on the variables linked to it as could be the emotions, values and motivations that conduce you towards a behavior different that that one desired. Personally, I enjoy seeking information that allows me to jump beyond the facts, and staying on the behavioral side of the reality limits my passion for inspiration and insight.

Nevertheless, being aware that this wouldn’t be the best attitude to start this new activity, I decided to update my coaching schema and allow this experience reshape it and add new self fulfilling features to it. Therefore, I prepared my self mentally by thinking on the most behavioral skill I would like to be coached on-writing journals- and we started.

We started with me being the first coachee and Hanna being the coach. Hanna would be coached by Ramy afterwards and finally, he would be coached by me.

We started in a very structured manner, trying to follow the sheet we were given with the questions to follow on how to proceed with the coaching.
I begin by answering the questions that we were given in the guide and Hanna explaine...

... middle of paper ...

...d awareness of the type of resistance I put to this type of work. In other words, I feel I am more conscious of the circumstances that need to be raised in my entourage to help this type of experience be more productive in the future.
Essentially I need to develop an environment of trust and holding. I am a person that lives her experiences with a big load of affection and to analyze them and decompose them in their variables I require the company of a mentor with whom I had built a relationship of solid care. This might be due to the fact that perhaps I have a low tolerance to being judged by others who I do not have a close relationship with. I deal with new people accommodating me to the expectations that the might bring to the situation. I use my empathy and observation to make a scan of their personalities, read their needs and adjust to their way of acting.

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