Coaching and Performance Management Essay

Coaching and Performance Management Essay

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Thesis Statement:
Being a leader has many advantages and disadvantages. Could coaching an employee be helpful for all involved? Being in a management position there is the need to be the devil’s advocate and approaching employees in a delicate manner to engage in the conversation that something issues need to change. What is the definition of coaching when working with adults in a workplace? Do managers need to be coached on how to coach? These are items will be addressed in this essay for anyone who is in or is planning on being in a managerial role. All the skills needed to provide a safe and healthy work environment for every employee.
The good news is that you can get your managers to buy in to the Pygmalion effect it can increase productivity and also raise morale in your organization. Another word used is Pygmalion effect which means that expectations are set to higher standard of performance and employees will rise to the occasion.
It is imperative part of communication to achieve the correct response from your employees a manager should be able to show he/she has the skills to coach, counsel and mentor to greatly improve employee’s morale, commitment, productivity and satisfaction in the work place. Managers can be viewed as the captain of the team, commander, or even a facilitator. Having these attributes to develop a strong relationship with employees will enhance the situation of developing a rapport. Becoming a coach to your subordinates, the manager should be able to encourage employees to do their jobs well and eliminate poor performance through timely and consistent coaching.
Executive Summary
The definition of coaching some say that it is considered as a performance-improvement technique. To ...

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