Coach Is A Luxury Brand Essay

Coach Is A Luxury Brand Essay

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Coach is a luxury brand that is in the market of handbags, fragrances and other leather accessories that is distributed globally to many sorts of consumers, men and women of all ages. Coach was founded in 1941 in New York City. Coach is a highly reputable company that uses its strategies to stay competitive in the luxury industry. In the following I will present Coach’s business strategy and evidence to prove why they successfully maintain a competitive advantage.


Recommendation 1: First off I would recommend that Coach implements a plan to increase market share in emerging markets such as China or Brazil. These economies are seeing steady growth and will only continue that way. Coach’s top market is the United States where they have hundreds of outlets and majority of its sales. Its important to not forget about the U.S. markets but equally important to gain consumers in other markets. Emerging markets are expected to allow luxury goods sales to reach 350 billion dollars annually. Coach needs to market and make products available through outlets in these...

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