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In the movie Coach Carter, the story really gives a great example of how to guide, discipline, lead, direct, and also counsel your team or group. Coach Carter was a man who came and took over as a head coach of his old high school, Richmond High. Once he was there it was obvious the guys there on the team had some serious issues academically, and also with discipline, which proved to give Carter the perfect opportunity to bring out his famous contracts. Throughout the story he showed incredible courage, patience, integrity, while building trust and assembling one of the greatest high school teams in history.
Coach Carter tended to teach his men basketball team values along with discipline. The way he coached them was very hands on. He trained them to be the team that did not get tired by constant conditioning. He gave them the tools necessary to win games on the floor. HHe counseled them off the floor. At the school he was teaching at there was less than a 50 % chance that they would go to college, and what was worse the ones that did not go to college, 1 out of three black men were either in jail or dead. He gave them the blueprint with his contracts to not become a statistic. The contracts stated that they were to maintain a 2.3 GPA, while the state only required a 2.0. Maintaining that GPA would make it easier for them to get into college. He counselled them off the court just as well as on. He was no slouch on discipline. This is where Carter was probably criticized most. If they talked back, or was late it was 100 suicides and 250 pushups. If they did not do their schoolwork, they were suspended regardless of how good they were. Even Carters son, who came in late on his first day at the school, was put on the line for be...

... middle of paper ... a 2.3 GPA, being on time, not talking back, trusting your team, not dwelling on the past but learning from it, being professional, those are a few of the many of the accomplishments his team received because of Carters strategies. The problems he ran into were the team at first. As it was stated earlier, he lost two of the leading scorers from the year before. Then had issues with the team keeping their parts of the contracts. He later had issues from the principal because she didn’t originally agree with his idea of coaching the way he was. Parents and the community didn’t agree with him closing the gym. Teachers did not want to give progress reports because it was more work for them to have to do. After overcoming all of these problems he was successful and ended up getting the support of all of his critics, and most importantly getting his players into college.

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