Co-Extistence/Superego -vs- Chaos/Id Essay

Co-Extistence/Superego -vs- Chaos/Id Essay

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To survive peacefully in society we must behave in a socially acceptable way. In other words, there is an art to coexisting peacefully that has a definition which changes from person to person. Humans learn how to coexist through observing others, usually our guardians and society. A person can also read about debating views on the subject through literature; an example of this is the play God of Carnage.
God of Carnage by Yasmina Reza shows the reader the two opposite views on the subject of coexistence and our involvement in the world. Veronique is a civilized, hyperaware, righteous liberal who believes everyone should be more concerned for people who are in need. There is also Alain who is a realistic, uncivilized man who could not care less. The two characters show two complete opposite opinions on society. While Veronique believes Alain’s son should be more culpable for his actions of hitting Veronique’s son with a stick, Alain believes his son is not at fault. They also share two opposite opinions on everything going on in Africa. When Alain compares the two cultures of Western civilization and Africa, Veronique shuts the idea down saying they are nothing alike due to the different norms.
In an English study published in Psychologies magazine “90 per cent of people behave honorably and politely about 90 per cent of the time”. This can also mean people are always mostly well behaved, but not always behaved. To coexist peacefully most people do not complain about another persons action to their face, most people ignore it or just complain to their friends. This shown in God of Carnage once Alain and his wife leave the room. Veronique begins to complain as she states, “they’re both dreadful” (30). Even the perf...

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... the world with be a chaotic place and everyone would be acting like animals. The play God of Carnage is a great piece of literature that is a great example of opinions on coexistence. People are usually not like either Veronique and Alain, most people have personalities that lie between the two.

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