Co-ethnic Canadian Employee-Employer Relationships Essay

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As currently understood, the primary and secondary sectors of the general labour market coexist within an immigrant-owned business sector in which immigrants work either as employees of co-ethnics or as entrepreneurs (Light, Sabagh, Bozorgmehr and Der-Martirosian, 1994).
A recent study shows that about ten percent of all non-French and non-British immigrants, residing in Canada’s largest metropolitans, work at places where they share a common ethnic origin with most of their co-workers (Hou, 2009). This statistic does not hold true for Canadian born workers only 4.5 percent of whom work at places where the majority of their co-workers are of the same ethnicity as them (Hou, 2009). Hou’s study conducted in 2009 revealed that the level of co-ethnic concentration at the workplace was varied amongst immigrants based on their ethnicities. According to Hou (2009), this level was highest amongst Chinese and Portuguese immigrants ranging at about 20% and 18% respectively. This trend has been observed to be consistent amongst other immigrant populations too. Italians, Filipinos and South Asian immigrants have been observed to work in places of high co-ethnic population. The only exceptions to this rule are European immigrants who work in relatively non co-ethnic work environments (Hou, 2009). Hou (2009) has also cited that this co-ethnic concentration amongst certain minorities extends beyond the workplace and can be observed in neighbourhoods as well. For example, Brampton area in the GTA is one that is famous for its high South Asian population.
New immigrants are faced with lots of challenges. It is often during the early stages of settlement that an immigrant family tends to seek out community members from similar ethnic background ...

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