Co Curricular Activities Is A Good Way For A Student Essay

Co Curricular Activities Is A Good Way For A Student Essay

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Participating in co-curricular activities is a good way for a student to get his/her foot in the door with potential employers and assist in learning what is being taught in school. Co-curricular are activities, learning experiences, and programs that complements what the student is learning is school. So this could include anything from joining an engineering club to getting an internship. A “world-class” student would take advantage of having as many experiences as they can under their belt, but not only because it looks good on their resume. These activities can also help a student learn and gather new engineering experiences that might open some new doors for the future for them.
I, personally, have no participated in any co-curricular activities at this point in my engineering degree. I plan on eventually getting an internship, but at this point I have not even applied for any of those. I have yet to join any programs or clubs at St Cloud State or even looked at what is really out there. Joining a club would really benefit me because it would help me to get to know some other engineering students and potentially new study groups. It could also lead me in the right direction of other programs that are available to me.
For me to become more of a “world-class” student I need to break out of my shell and be willing to have new experiences. I need to join and club and make new engineering friends, rather than waiting for these opportunities to come knocking on my door. I need to begin looking for internships and see what is really available to me. I can do that on my own time and I can also get assistance from Career Services. There are many ways that I can begin to participate in co-curricular activities, but it all begins wit...

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... my road-map to graduation so I can see what step is next on my journey to my degree. Although, I do plan on extending that into more of a five year plan that can be modified throughout. I want to do a five year plan because I believe it will help lead me in the right direction of what steps I need to be taking after graduation, the steps to getting a leadership, and the steps to finding the job I want.
Overall, there are many steps to becoming a world class student. Some may come easy and some may be a little more challenging to accomplish, but that is all part of an engineering degree. Sure, we didn’t pick the easiest major, but we did pick an important one. Engineers are going to be around for years to come and hopefully with a few simple adjustments to the listed objectives I can make my way towards being the “world-class” student that I want to be.

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