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The Cloud Of The World Essay example

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At the very beginning, the world is completely in perpetual nihility without existence of matter, space and time. No concepts we used right now can describe the void of the world. The state of world would be everlasting if there was no external force to break it.
In a corner of the world, there suspends a cloud of gas. The cloud of gas looks no different from the other part of world but it contains everything and limitless possibilities. It was the turning point of the world that the cloud of gas suddenly formed its own consciousness and life. The cloud of gas called himself Chaos. “Change”, Chaos said, “The world is so desolate and boring”. Chaos began to compress himself. Every time Chaos compressed himself, an invisible wave was created and spread to the world. As the wave spreading, the dark void began to collapse, space replaced the void and time started to lapse. Chaos kept compressed himself until he become a shining liquid, meanwhile, the former world was reformed completely and a new world was created.
Chaos, a shining liquid with seven different colors began to emit lights with seven colors. The seven lights traveled to any corner of the new world, thus, the new world has lights and colors. Chaos tumbled in the new world. Millions of spindrifts was created and became oceans, lakes and rivers, hanging in the new world. Chaos kept rolling and changing his shape. Every time Chaos changed his shape, a new creature was created at the same time. Unlimited shapes were created, thus, unlimited creatures appeared in the new world. “Enliven you consciousness and life”, Chaos said. Chaos teared his own consciousness and life into pieces and gave then to all the creatures. Chaos was tired and slept. The bigger piece the creature w...

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...s treasure of human being. Creation myths always explain the origin of world and human being as well as some natural phenomenons. There are thousands of myths in the world along with the thousands of ethnic groups in different areas. Though the contents of these creation myths may vary, there are several common elements among them such as wars, disasters and creation of creatures, etc. The myth above not only contains several common elements but also combine some unique features of other creation myths.
The myth above started with a similar background as the Theogony by Hesoid. The cosmos in both myths are in Chaos at the very beginning until the appearance of world creator who reshaped the world. The special state of cosmos is also mentioned in many other creation myths such as Hebrew Bible. In Hebrew Bible, the early cosmos is described using the word “Tohuwabohu”

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